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Vozra Features

Here are several features that make our app politically engaging

  • Gaming & Quizzes

    It's simple! Select a candidate, choose a topic from six categories, take a quiz and test your knowledge!

  • Factual Content

    The information used in our quizzes has been collected from verified sources and straight from the candidate's websites.

  • Achievements

    Challenge accepted! Complete quizzes, reach requirements and earn achievements like the "Intern", "Economist", and the "Veteran".

  • Categories

    Candidate's information is broken down into six categories; background, economics, foreign policies, domestic issues, and social issues.

  • Bilingual Content

    We offer our content, quizzes, polls and feedback in both English and Spanish.

  • Educational Engagement

    Get factual information on candidates, learning content after incorrect questions and the interactivity to help learn about politicians.


  • 6 Types of Quizzes

    Vozra breaks down political issues into six categories. You have the opportunity to learn about any candidate's policies, background or history. Try our quizzes to learn more!

  • Perspective Polls

    Vozra allows you to express your opinion of current issues, hot topics and participate in polls for more points!

  • Climb the Ranks

    As you progress through quizzes, gain points, climb the ranks and monitor your statistics. Following your success, the difficulty level of the questions will automatically increase providing you with more in-depth information!

Our Why

Our mission focuses on building an interactive, educational game about politics to engage young Hispanics over electoral politics (but is open to everyone!). We offer a fun, competitive way to help teach an otherwise un-fun topic.

Vozra stems from the Spanish words 'voz', meaning voice, and 'hora', meaning 'the hour'. The hour is now to formulate decisions on political candidates, and make your voices heard.

Play the game. Change the race. Cast the vote.


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